° hacer caso a to pay attention to, heed, obey No hace caso a sus padres.He does not obey his parents. ° hacer caso de to thoughts, heed, pay attention toNo hagas caso de lo que te cuente.Don’t pay any attention to what he tells you. Cantar songQuiero aprender ese cantar.I need to learn that music.

She represents how being the child of immigrants implies that acquiring that degree is not only for you, but for the sacrifices of the past for you to be there. Musically, my favorite part of this track is the backup chorus. They sing to us,”You better https://thenicholasconorinstitute.org/Management.html clean this mess. Are you higher off then you have been with the birds of La Vibora? ” These lyrics convey the acute hardship that immigrants found when coming to the United States, and the angle that many voters displayed towards them. The harmonies behind them are full of chew, and sound like a musical slap in the face.

Miranda’s lyrics also reference basic songs. Ms. Olga Merediz reprising Abuela Claudio shattered me. I’m reminded of the women in my life, my mom, grandma, aunts, all who lovingly helped raise me.

From the choreography to the singing, every thing is completely lovely and gutting. While the movie has had its share of criticism, this moment is extra or less universally beloved. When a blackout hits Washington Heights, Abuela Claudia, the neighborhood’s grandmother, reflects on her life in a dream sequence.

° cosas de of the nature of, pertaining to. MuchNo vale gran cosa.It is not value much. —No dijo gran cosa.He didn’t say much.

° a la sombra in the shadow; in jail. ° dar sombra to provide shadeLos árboles dan sombra.The trees give shade. ° hacer sombra to outshineEsa mujer le hace sombra a su marido.That girl outshines her husband. ° no ser ni su sombra to be however a shadow of one’s former self. Soltar [rad-ch I] to loosenSoltaron las amarras.They loosened the cables.

Llenar to fill Llenó la copa de vino.He crammed the glass with wine. ▲ to coverSe llenaron las manos de pintura.They covered their hands with paint. ▲ to fulfill, please fullyNo me llena ese espectáculo.That present doesn’t please me absolutely. El pliego de solicitud.Fill out the application.

▲ to concern, be up toEso le corresponde a Ud.That’s up to you. ▲ to return, reciprocate, reply toCorrespondió a sus atenciones.She responded to his attentions. Correspondencia correspondenceHemos mantenido correspondencia desde hace años.We’ve saved up a correspondence for years. ▲ mailVoy a abrir la correspondencia.I’m going to open the mail.